Brookeridge Airpark Welcomes You

Welcome to Brookeridge Airpark! We are located only twenty miles from downtown Chicago in the heart of the western suburbs. Please browse around for more information about what it is like to live with your aircraft in a suburban setting.

Our Aviation Community

Conceived in the early 1960's, Brookeridge Airpark is uniquely situated in Downers Grove, IL.  A mere twenty miles from the center of Chicago, the United States third largest city, and near two large centers of shopping and entertainment, our semi wooded community is surprisingly quiet and serene. Except for the occasional satisfying roar of an aircraft taking to the skies.

For a pilot and their family, living with your aircraft can be a dream come true. Imagine how great it will be to eliminate that extra drive time to and from the airport when your aircraft is located a short walk through your house to the hangar. Living with your airplane means that you can stay close to your family while you take on maintenance and upgrade projects. Growing up in an active and thriving aviation community can ignite the passion that you feel for aviation in your children. It is a fantastic feeling to live with other pilots and their families and always having someone nearby to share good flying stories with.

Brookeridge Airpark in the Tribune

Recently we were featured in an article about residential airpark living in the Chicago Tribune.