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2018 Brookeridge Fly and Drive In

Please come join us at our 8th annual Brookeridge Airpark Fly In to be held on Saturday, September 8th from 10am-3pm. Please come and visit us as we take the wraps off of our private residential airpark.

There will be a static aircraft display featuring some of the more unique aircraft owned by Brookeridge residents.

AOPA's Rusty Pilots Seminar


AOPA will hold it's Rusty Pilot's seminar at the fly-in. Pre-registration is neccesary. Register here.


Aviation Partners

We will have hotdogs and hamburgers for sale and feature the musical selections of the famous "DJ Dave". Enjoy a neighboorhood tour or just stop by to see what Brookeridge looks like from the ground and meet some of us. Pilots who fly-in receive two free lunches.

If you are driving in, please try to park on only one side of the street to help keep access to neighborhood homes clear for emergency vehicles.

Flying in to Brookeridge landing on 09

Video starts on left downwind for runway 09

Landing on 27

Video starts on left downwind for runway 27


If you are thinking of stopping by on fly in day, please follow this link to send us an email that we can reply to with some safety and operational information for flying in and out of Brookeridge Airpark. We can be a little hard to see from the air, so please take the time to register with us so we can provide information that will help you and frankly, help us figure out how much food to buy.

Brookeridge Fly-In Briefing Information


See the Airport Information

Runway 18-36 will be closed and used for parking. Use runway 9-27 only.

Brookeridge can be a little difficult to see from the air until you are right in the traffic pattern. If you are not familiar with the field, we suggest overflying at an altitude above the traffic pattern (but below the ORD class B) to identify the airport and then flying back out for a standard traffic pattern entry at the 1600 foot traffic pattern altitude. Please be on the lookout for traffic in the pattern, no-radio aircraft, and other aircraft that might be overflying.

Make standard traffic pattern announcements on 122.9.

Use a left hand pattern for both runways 9 and 27 at an altitude of 1600 MSL.

Please, no aircraft with a maximum gross weight greater than 7000 lb.

If there is a strong crosswind, be prepared for some turbulence as you descend through tree height.

On the ground, follow directions to parking. We will have a flow set up to avoid conflict between arriving and departing aircraft.

At times we may fill all available parking spaces and have to close the airport to arrivals. Space will open up shortly, so please enjoy some sightseeing flight time and come back a little later and try again.


Follow directions from parking area to active runway.

Please conduct your run-up at the runway. 

After takeoff, climb straight ahead until over the golf course to the east or adjacent to the water tower to the west.

Operational and Safety Information

Follow this link to download the operational and safety information for the fly in.

Thanks for Coming!!