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Welcome to Brookeridge Airpark

Brookeridge is located twenty five miles from downtown Chicago in the western suburb of Downers Grove, Illinois. The airpark is conveniently located near shopping, dining, entertainment, expressways, parks, lakes, fishing, bike trails, schools and express trains to the city. Many neighborhood events are hosted throughout the year. Our wooded community is surprisingly quiet with the exception of the occasional satisfying sound of an aircraft taking to the skies.

For a pilot and their family, living with an aircraft is a dream come true. No more time spent driving to and from an airport. Simply walk through your home and into your hangar. 

Brookeridge is the closest private airport to Chicago and enjoys a wide variety of airplanes including warbirds, turbines, experimentals and cabin class twins. The airpark maintains both paved and turf runways, an instrument approach, lights and a fuel facility with Avgas and Jet A+

Brookeridge Aero Associates

437 Millbrook Drive

Downers Grove, IL 60516

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